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Significance of Red Ribbon Campaign

The Red Ribbon Campaign began in 1985

as a combined result of outrage and frustration
at the brutal torture and murder of

Federal Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique Camarena
by drug traffickers in Mexico.


The Red Ribbon symbolizes a commitment to a healthy drug-free life-style. As the Red Ribbon Campaign has grown from year to year, we are proud to continue raising awareness and funds to support substance abuse prevention education,
anti-bullying efforts, and youth leadership development
in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties.


We encourage you to participate in this year’s
Red Ribbon activities during the month of October
and make substance abuse prevention part of

your family’s healthy life-style every day.


Participation Suggestions:
• Wear a Red Ribbon during the month of October.
• Place a Red Ribbon on your front door, mailbox, or car. 
• Talk with your children about the advantages of living drug-free 
   and the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.
• Become educated about prevention services in your community.
• Get involved! Join InnerAct Alliance by volunteering your time or
   sharing financial resources to help educate parents and children
   about the dangers of substance abuse.

• You can encourage your business or school to provide parent

   education programs and support healthy alternatives for youth.

• Run in the Red Ribbon Run on October 29, 2022
• Participate in our 2022 Red Ribbon Virtual Challenge, which
   begins online at on September 26 and 
   continues through October 22, 2022. 




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