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Frequently Asked Questions


We will add frequently asked questions as they arise so email us yours on the Contact page. Any emergency questions?

Call Angie Ellison at InnerAct Alliance 863-802-0777 

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! If you’re interested in volunteering for the Red Ribbon 15K, 5K and Kids' Fun Run, Check out Get Involved page.


What is included in the registration fee?

Each participant’s registration includes a commemorative shirt and a race bib.

Each 15K finisher will also receive a medal.

To learn more about awards please visit the Race Info page for the the races. 


How do I know that I'm registered?

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from ChronoTrack. This email will serve as your only confirmation of registration. Please allow at least 24 hours for a confirmation.

If you do not receive one, please contact our office and watch your bank account.

If the transaction doesn't post within 24 hours your registration was not successful.



Is there a minimum age to register for the race?

The minimum age is 14 years old for the 15K.

The minimum age is 10 year old for the 5K.

Runners kindergarten through 8th grade are encouraged to participate in the Kids' Fun Run.  

Can I get a refund on my race entry?

Entry fees are non-refundable.



Is there a pace requirement for the race?

Yes, the minimum pace is 16 minutes per mile.


Is Paper Registration available?

No, but if you are having trouble with online registration, please feel free to contact us!

If I am injured, pregnant or no longer able to attend the event, can I get a refund?

Entry fees are non-refundable.



When is the deadline to register for the 15K, 5K or Kids' Fun Run?

The deadline for online registration for all races is 12:00pm on Friday, November 9, 2019. You may register the day of the race (but it costs more). Please visit the Registration/Check In tables at the Lake Mirror Center Auditorium as soon as you arrive. Arrive early to insure that you get registered. Registration for the Kids' Fun Run is FREE for children grades K-5 until October 31, 2019. Those who sign up after October 31st must pay a $5.00 registration fee.


How do I register for the race?

Registration is easy! At the top of this page, click “Race Registration,” and you’ll be led through a painless online registration procedure.

Can I transfer my bib or registration to another runner?

Yes, you can transfer your registration to another runner for a fee of $20 for the 15K or $10 for the 5K. You must contact us via email through Contact us and please put "Race Transfer" along with your name in the subject line.


Is this a walker friendly race?

YES! The race is walker friendly as long as the walker can maintain the minimum pacing requirement for the race.

The minimum pace is 16 minutes per mile for the 15K.

There is no minimum for the 5K. 


What happens if I can't keep up with the pacing requirements?

Anyone not able to maintain the minimum pace of 16 minutes per mile on the 15K course, may be picked up by the Red Ribbon event vehicle and transported to the finish at any point along the course. 


Can I use headphones while running?

Headphones can be worn. But, please keep the volume down due to audio messages that are placed throughout the course to ensure your safety.

If you cannot hear instructions, you are held responsible for your actions. 


Will the race be postponed or canceled due to weather?

The race will be held rain or shine, except in the case of lightning.

Decisions regarding lightning will be made at the race start time.


Is bag check available for the races?

No, the participant is held responsible for their belongings. 


What is the best way to contact someone?

On our Contact page.


Are baby strollers allowed?

No strollers are allowed to in order to ensure the safety of all race participants.


Are pets allowed in the race?

No pets are allowed to ensure the safety of the race participants. 


How do I become a sponsor?

There are many opportunities for members of our community to sponsor the

Red Ribbon 15K, 5K and Kids' Fun Run.  

If you’re interested, please call Angie Ellison at InnerAct Alliance 863-802-0777.