Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Ribbon Challenge


We will add frequently asked questions on this page as they arise.
Please feel free to email us on the link located on the Contact page
with any other questions you may have. 


If you need to speak with someone directly, please call:
Angie Ellison @ InnerAct Alliance at (863) 802-0777 


How do I register for the 2020 Red Ribbon Virtual Challenge?

To Sign Up for the Red Ribbon Challenge, please click on the second tab above that says REGISTRATION.

What is included in the registration fee?
Students in Grades K-8 may register FREE and complete at least 15 challenges to earn a chance to win a special prize!
The Red Ribbon Challenge is open for anyone who would like to register for free and participate in challenge activities, however prizes will not be available for older students, adults, or non-registered participants.


How do I know that I'm registered?
You will receive an email from to confirm that you are registered. 



Can only Students in Grades K-8 participate in the Red Ribbon Challenge?

Students in grades K- 8 may register and be eligible to earn a prize. For prize eligibility, you must also complete at least 15 challenges. We highly encourage students to involve their whole family in helping them with the Challenge activities so that it's healthy fun for everyone! 

All age groups are welcome to participate in the Red Ribbon Challenge, however only children in grades K-8 who are registered and complete 15 or more challenges will be eligible to receive a prize. Prizes will NOT be available for adults, older students, or non-registered participants. 


Can I only complete the challenges as designated during that particular week?

The challenges presented each week are only a guideline to help you stay on track. You are welcome to complete the weekly challenges in any order or at any time you wish between September 28th and October 31st. Participants in grades K-8 should make sure they are registered and strive to complete at least 15 challenge activities before the October 31st deadline in order to be eligible to earn a prize. 


When is the deadline to register for the Red Ribbon Challenge? 

Last day to register for the Red Ribbon Challenge is Saturday, October 31, 2020. Only students in grades K-8 who have officially registered will be eligible to earn a prize and you must also have completed at least 15 challenges before 10/31/20.


It is important for us to have an accurate count of K-8 participants to ensure that enough prizes are ordered and to make arrangements for distribution of prizes that will take place some time after Winter Break.

We are sorry but prizes will not be available for older students, adults, or non-registered participants. 

Are volunteers needed?

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the Red Ribbon Virtual Challenge, please visit the Get Involved page on this website to contact us! Help will be needed to distribute Red Ribbon Challenge brochures and sort/distribute prizes to participants. 



What is the best way to contact someone?

On our Contact page.


How do I become a sponsor?

There are many opportunities for businesses or members of our community to sponsor the Red Ribbon Challenge.  If you are interested, please call Angie Ellison at InnerAct Alliance at (863) 802-0777.