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How do I submit my completed challenges? 


Thanks for participating in our Red Ribbon Virtual Challenge and congratulations on completing some of the weekly challenge activities! This page contains helpful information and steps on how you may submit your completed challenges.


Nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness – all are important parts of living well. Spending time together as a family is also an important aspect of physical health and mental well-being and it can help build stronger relationships and develop more effective communication. Research studies from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University consistently finds that the more often children eat dinner with their families and take part in family activities, the less likely they may be to smoke, drink, or use illegal substances. We hope you and your family are having fun completing the weekly challenges together while learning about healthy choices and engaging in healthy, positive behavior!

At this point, you are probably wondering how to submit your completed challenges. Here are some helpful steps: 

  • Once you are registered on this site, go to

  • Login with the SAME username/password you created when you registered here

  • Once signed in, click the icon in top right corner - see the photo below

  • Click on Profile

Step one.png
  • Then, the following screen will come up

  • Next, click on “Submit Virtual Results

Step 2.png
  • Using the drop down, select the challenge you completed

Step 4.png
Step 5.png
  • Using the up & down arrows, enter either 1 (if you have simply COMPLETED the challenge) OR 2 (if you have both COMPLETED the challenge & also POSTED your completed challenge activity on Facebook)

  • Remember to click “Submit Activity

Step 5.png
  • Congratulations! You are done....until you are ready to submit another completed challenge activity! 

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