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Site Created,  2015

The Red Ribbon Team Challenge 

Are you and 9 of your friends, neighbors, coworkers,

or running mates up for the

Red Ribbon 5K Team Challenge? 


If your group wants more of a challenge, you can compete in the

15K Team Challenge! 

Registration is simple, with these steps:

1. Gather up to 9 other people for your team

2. Pick a team name

3. Either register your teammates yourself OR have each member register themselves. 

4. Once your 10th teammate has been registered and in your team, you are now eligible for a discount. 

5. Come on November 9th and HAVE FUN!

(Contact for more information

Red Ribbon Team Challenge Scoring 

For both the 5K and the 15K challenge, scoring goes by the 

fastest 4 runners in your group. 

For the 5K Team Challenge, a traveling trophy will be awarded to

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

For the 15K Team Challenge, a traveling trophy will be awarded to 1st place